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Silk guide and lubrication tips

Ski with light, dry and soft snow. Winter at its best. A few degrees below zero. Sparkling relationship. Did you know that the word "silkeføre" comes from a ski lubrication?

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New weather station

Superski has upgraded with its own weather station. Now we monitor important data about temperature, precipitation and wind in Holmenkollen - every day - around the clock. The service

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Superski is growing!

Superski continues to grow and is looking for a part-time employee to join our super team! This is a great opportunity for those interested in cross-country skiing and sports,

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The Hoka code

What is it about this shoe that makes it so popular? The Hoka shoes are undoubtedly a bestseller. We now have demand throughout the year, confirms Peder

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Grit and structure = better gliding

First, the skis are ground flat, then the desired structure is set. The structure must be different, depending on the road and snow conditions, just like ski lubrication. See separate article about

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Grinding the ski sole - why?

New skis are not always completely flat and smooth from the factory. In the production process where skis are glued under pressure and heat, it can cause variations and

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Super autumn is underway

Superski's new website is now published. This also marks the start of more news that will follow us through the training season and into the upcoming one

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