Summer ski schools 2023

Therese Johaug is coming,

what about you?

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Join the highlight of the summer!

Make friendships across clubs

Personal follow-up on technique by very knowledgeable trainers

Measurable exercises so that the participants can follow the progress between the ski schools

Varied and content-rich program that motivates further training

The champion of champions, the world's fastest roller ski training and the Johaug session

Meet this year's coaches

Therese Johaug

Fredrik Nilsen

Kristin Maltun

Vegard Ek Hagen

Lea Wenaas

Petter Fraser

Katrine Magnussøn

Erik Lippestad

Marte Emilsen

Matz Jenssen

Ingvil Ahlsand

Sondre Bollum

Ingrid Fürst

Henrik Evensen

Peder Stadaas

Joakim Levorsen

As always, Superski summer skiing school provides its experienced coaches. Our trainers focus on giving all participants personal follow-up and including everyone. This applies to both training and social activities. We focus on creating a good environment and developing good values in the group, while also focusing on developing technique and training motivation for each and every participant. Our trainers are characterized by great professional competence, good communication skills and great commitment. Everyone is well prepared and coordinated, with a common thread for the ski school weeks - adapted to the respective age groups.

Note: Adjustments may occur.


New for the year

Winners of the Mesternes Mester will receive yellow exclusive starting numbers for their badges and possessions

Note: Adjustments may occur.


We have large, beautiful premises for the participants in the press center at the finish area in Holmenkollen.


Pictures from the Summer Ski Schools


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